Peace building & Conflict Transformation Course

Dates: (26th February-2nd March & 6th to 10th August 2018)

This training brings together participants from the NGO sector, civil society and government agencies supporting peace issues. It introduces participants to the fundamental skills and knowledge required for conflict transformation work in post conflict settings.

Areas of focus:

  • Understanding Conflict:

    This section is designed to help the participants gain a deeper understanding of the factors that cause conflict and violence with the aim of being able to identify appropriate strategies for intervention. Different analytical models are applied to: Explore the nature and dynamics of conflict, Understand different levels and types of conflict and to Analyze conflicts and causes.

  • Peace building theories and practice:

    This section gives an overview of peacebuilding theories and concepts. The session gives participants’ the opportunity to: Identify context specific peacebuilding interventions, Work in teams to practice new theories and concepts, Apply these ideas and skills to cases that relate to their experiences and contexts

  • Conflict Sensitivity in Peace building:

    This section looks at the strategies and methods that help peacebuilding and multi-mandated interveners to examine and take into account the unintended impacts of their interventions on the context of conflict and crisis.
    The participants explore: Understanding conflict sensitivity, Application of conflict
    sensitivity in peacebuilding programs, Conflict analysis and Conflict sensitive

  • Skills for conflict transformation and peace building:

    In this section participants discuss the essential skills and knowledge needed for conflict transformation in interpersonal and group settings. Some of the skills include: Negotiation and mediation, Working with stories to create change, Forgiveness and reconciliation

  • Exploration of indigenous mechanisms in peace building:

    This section focuses on the practices of indigenous mechanism in peacebuilding and discerning its role in contemporary peacebuilding practice. Discussions are on: Community mechanisms and peace processes, Indigenous dispute resolution mechanisms and Influence of
    indigenous mechanisms on external conflict interventions

Training Charges: $800: Covers tuition, conference package, airport pickup and drop off and a certificate of participation. Those wishing to have accommodation at the training centre, add an extra $500