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Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA) is a network of individual peace builders and organizations whose purpose is to work for sustainable peace in Africa.

COPA is striving towards building the capacity of stakeholders in the field of conflict management and related issues. As a network, COPA facilitates linking and sharing between practitioners and stakeholders to ensure the building of sustainable peace in Africa. Part of COPA’s vision is that it will grow a resource of African wisdom, expertise and strong voice to be able to respond effectively to the conflicts besetting different parts of the continent.

Why COPA can make a difference Uniqueness: a strategic organization started by African peacebuilding practitioners with a continental mandate.
Expertise potential: the COPA network represents a vast spectrum of expertise in peace building and development work across the continent.
African roots: capacity to draw from traditional conflict resolution mechanisms.

Coverage: ability to reach out to a wide range of communities from the eastern, central to the southern parts of Africa and the Horn.